Hugh Robert Duff, Esq. V James Grant, Esq

Hugh Robert Duff, Esq.     Appellant.—A.Connel—J. Tait


James Grant, Esq.     Respondent.—Mackenzie—R. Grant

June 9. 1824.

Lord Pitmilly.

This was a question, whether a small piece of ground, called the Kilnhead or Kilnlead, belonged to the appellant or the respondent, the decision of which depended upon the terms of their titles. Duff having brought an action for having it found that it belonged to him, the Lord Ordinary assoilzied Grant, and to this judgment the Court adhered on the 21st June 1822. * Duff then entered an appeal; but the House of Lords “ordered and adjudged, that the appeal be dismissed, and the interlocutors complained of affirmed, with L. 150 costs.”

Solicitors: J. Chalmer— Spottiswoode and Robertson, —Solicitors.