Nigerian Military Service Chiefs Must Prepare Their Belated Handover Notes And Leave Office

Nigerian Military Service Chiefs Must Prepare Their Belated Handover Notes And Leave Office

Thursday, 25th June 2020, Intersociety, Onitsha, Jap Nigeria:The Nigerian Navy Service Chiefs, comprising Chief of Protection Employees, Lt Gen Abayomi Olanisakin, Chief of Military Employees, Lt Gen Tukur Yusuf Buratai, Chief of Naval Employees, Vice Admiral Ibok Ekwe Ibas and Chief of Air Employees, Air Marshal Sadique Abubakar have lengthy overstayed and subsequently should put together their grossly belated handover notes and go away workplace. Past this pressing name for the nation’s army Service Chiefs to right away put together their handover notes and go away workplace, the complete safety forces of Nigeria (protection, policing, intelligence and paramilitaries) and their instructions and controls are additionally discovered to be terminally sick requiring complete overhaul or reorganization.

The nation’s Navy Service Chiefs have, as a matter of reality, change into ‘a giant masquerade that has overstayed his welcome at leisure area, thereby attracting pouring of sand by youngsters and booing by girls of non menopausal age’, the Int’l Society for Civil Liberties & Rule of Regulation mentioned right this moment in a press release issued in Onitsha and signed by Emeka Umeagbalasi (Criminologist & Graduate of Safety Research), Board Chair, Barr Damaris Amaka Onuoha, Head of Marketing campaign & Publicity, Barr Ndidiamaka Bernard, Head of Int’l Justice & Human Rights and Barr Obianuju Igboeli, Head of Civil Liberties & Rule of Regulation.

Having woefully failed the nation and her residents significantly in issues of protection and security of the residents, their properties and the nation’s land, water, air and wild areas, it has change into inexcusable and past logics and sentiments for the Service Chiefs to pack and go. Borrowing the masterful phrases of the UK’s All-Social gathering Parliamentary Group for Int’l Freedom of Faith or Perception, “the 90% Muslim managed Nigerian safety forces” should be surgically reorganized from their current radically spiritual and clannish strains to secular, skilled and ICT-powered or ‘man-mental-technological strains.

We’re additionally not unaware of renewed ‘everlasting tenure extension for Service Chiefs campaigns’, mounted on their behalf by some residents and teams together with the Senate President, Dr. Ahmad Ibrahim Lawan; all in a bid to see them proceed in workplace in perpetuity. The Senate President, Dr. Ahmad Ibrahim Lawan, had on Sunday, 21stJune 2020 whereas talking to the State Home correspondents after his assembly with the Presidency, disclosed that he “urged for the extension of the tenure of the present service chiefs inside a efficiency evaluation timeframe”.

Underneath the watch and management of the Senate President, too, the sectional and spiritual balancing precept (federal character) stipulated in Sections 14 (3), 217 (3) and 42 (freedom from discrimination) of Nigeria’s 1999 Structure has been brutally put aside and noticed in breach as all of the legislative oversight committees in control of military, navy, air drive, police, intelligence, protection, inside, nationwide safety, customs, immigration and different paramilitaries are dominated, if not all headed by Northern Muslims. It is a nation composed of proportionate multi spiritual and ethnic groupings and constitutionally mentioned to have been based on multi celebration democracy and secular constitutionalism.

Due to this fact, the Senate President should be boldly instructed in clear phrases that he lacks ethical floor or competence to canvas for the extension of the tenure of the woefully failed Nigeria’s Service Chiefs or converse on insecurity within the nation. These makes an attempt by the Service Chiefs themselves and their picture launderers together with their ‘everlasting tenure extension’ seekers or campaigners aren’t solely unknown to Nigeria’s physique of legal guidelines acknowledged in Sections Four and 6 of the 1999 Structure, but in addition grossly run opposite to the ideas of democracy and rule of regulation.

By trying to perpetuate themselves in workplace by the antics of anti democratic forces and processes, the Service Chiefs have proclaimed themselves as “life Service Chiefs till they die in workplace”. That is the specific and interpretative which means of Part 11.09 of the Service Chiefs and Presidency enacted “Harmonized Phrases and Circumstances of Service for Officers of the Nigerian Armed Forces (2017) Revised”. Additionally referred to as “H-TACOS (2017) Revised”, the non Nationwide Meeting Act and inferior instrument had in its referenced Part offered as follows: “the forgoing however, the President, C-in-C reserves the prerogative to increase the tenure of a Chief of Protection Employees/ Service Chief regardless of his age or size of service”.

That is after the President has renewed their two years tenure from their first appointment. It additional signifies that they’ll proceed to be reappointed endlessly by a serving President and any or others after her or him particularly she or he installs a crony as his or her successor. That is additionally coupist and stranger to the 1999 Structure, as an unwelcomed interloper. With this, too, the Nigerian Navy is now not ‘a substituted authority’ to Nigeria’s Civil and Democracy Authority. It additional undermines Nigeria’s Public/Civil Service Guidelines of 2008 and different related Acts together with the Nigerian Armed Forces Act, Navy Pensions and common Pensions and Labor Acts; all of 2004 in addition to world or ILO’s age lengthy ‘profession service and pension ideas’.

40,000 Defenseless Residents Slaughtered Underneath Their Watch

Other than the undiluted incontrovertible fact that generality of Nigerians have remained confused as as to if the nation’s Service Chiefs, heads of intelligence businesses and the Police and their commanding officers are actually engaged in counterinsurgency operations or ‘insurgency help operations’ or ‘battle profiteering; as folks of analysis and statistics, we’re conscious that not lower than 40,000 defenseless residents of Nigeria regardless of their religions and tribes, genders, ages and lessons, have been killed exterior the regulation since July 2015 when the Service Chiefs had been appointed. This is because of protection, safety, security and policing lapses underneath the midwifery of the present Safety Chiefs. There have been additionally billions of naira price of properties misplaced together with over 2000 sacred worship and studying facilities largely belonging to Christians.

The lives misplaced or casualties included not lower than 9000 victims of Jihadist Herdsmen violence (all Christians), 9000 victims of Boko Haram violence (roughly 5,000 Christians and 4000 Muslims), estimated 4000 victims of Zamfara/Northern banditry in Muslim dominated States of Zamfara, Katsina, Sokoto and Northern Kaduna (about 80% Muslims) and a whole lot killed by Ansaru Jihadists (majorly Christians and foreigners). The Nigerian Navy underneath the present Service Chiefs additionally immediately and vicariously killed not lower than 2,500 residents exterior the regulation. They included not lower than 1300 defenseless Shiite Muslims, 480 Jap Nigerian residents, 300 rural Northern Christians (air bombing), 240 detainees at Borno’s Giwa Barracks (AI Report 2016) and over 500 civilian victims of the Navy’s “counterinsurgency operations”.

The Nigerian State was additionally plunged into “militarism” and “militarization” by the archaic protection and safety insurance policies of the Service Chiefs ensuing to pseudo ‘police state’. Consequently, it has been independently projected that common of 250 Nigerians die month-to-month (3000 yearly) in police (largely) and army (some) custodies throughout the nation following indiscriminate use of extreme drive, torture, hate policing and commercialization of felony investigations.

These have led to estimated 15,000 non court-convicted residents dying in custodies since July 2015. Numbers of these killed in civil crimes or crimes in opposition to individuals and properties together with homicide, rape, armed theft, kidnapping and communal violence are additionally of their a number of hundreds; likewise victims of disappearances. Within the outgoing first six months of 2020, not lower than 1500 harmless and defenseless lives have been misplaced. They included not lower than 600 Christians massacred by Jihadist Herdsmen, over 500 Muslims and Christians killed by Boko Haram/ISWAP and a minimum of 400 largely Muslims killed by ‘Zamfara/Northern Muslim Bandits’. Excluded are a whole lot, if not hundreds of victims of ‘Civil Crimes’ and Communal Violence.

Service Chiefs’ Tenure Is Manipulated Utilizing H-TACOS (2017)

It’s our discovery that the so referred to as “Harmonized Phrases and Circumstances of Service for Officers of the Nigerian Armed Forces (H-TACOS 2017) Revised”; revised in 2017 by the present Service Chiefs and the Presidency is now getting used as an instrument for elongation of the tenure and ages of retirement of Nigeria’s present Service Chiefs and sure classes of senior army officers. These have additionally led to profession stagnancy and discriminatory implementation of the ‘in-service’, ‘out-service’ and ‘out-of-service’ processes together with whereby some course mates are retired whereas their colleagues together with these of Common Combatant Programs 25 to 29 are left behind to proceed serving.

A non Nationwide Meeting laws or Act of parliament, “H-TACOS” was majorly tinkered or ‘reviewed’ in 2012 whereas its current model in use was revised in 2017. The instrument had in 2012 “scrapped” the 35 years of service requirement, a grand rule guiding the nation’s public service and launched “Run-Out-Date (ROD)’ as a basic requirement for retiring from the Nigerian Armed Forces. Reviewed or revised in 2017 on the beck and name or whims and caprices of the present Service Chiefs and the Presidency with out legislative scrutiny or debates or consultant public queries, sure dictatorial provisions had been inserted. They included will increase in ages of retirement for various classes of senior army officers and technically infinite tenure elongation for the present Service Chiefs.

As an illustration, within the outdated or pre 2012 H-TACOS, the ROD (Run-Out-Date) or retirement date for Brigadier-Normal/Commodore/Air Commodore was 54, Main Normal/Rear Admiral/Air Vice Marshal-56, Lieutenant-Normal/Vice Admiral/Air Marshal-58 and Normal/Admiral/Air Chief Marshal-60. However underneath the 2012 H-TACOS, RODs had been prolonged or additional elevated. By this, ROD for Common Commissioned Officers underneath the H-TACOS for Brigadier-Normal or its equal was pegged at 56 years, Main- Normal or its equivalent-57, Lieutenant-Normal or its equivalent-59 and Normal or its equal stays 60.

But, in its revision of 2017, underneath Part 03.10 (Size of Service), their ages of retirements had been once more elevated with that of Lt Generals (together with Buratai, Olanisakin, Ibok Ibas and Abubakar Sadique) who’re senior to senior officers underneath Course 36 Common Combatant and others beneath pegged at 58 years, whereas that of Main Generals was pegged at 56 years. Then again, the Main Generals and Lt Generals belonging to Common Combatant Course 36 and above had been pegged at 60 and 61 years. The present Service Chiefs together with Chief of Protection Employees, Lt Gen Abayomi Olanisakin, Chief of Naval Employees, Vice Admiral Ibok Ekwe Ibak and Chief of Military Employees, Lt Gen Tukur Yusuf Buratai belong to Common Combatant Programs (RC) 25, (RC) 26 and (RC) 29 having joined the NDA, then NCE awarding army establishment in 1979 and 1981.

For readability, the revised version of “H-TACOS (2017)” was to start out with the 36th Course of the NDA, their equivalents and above. The 36th Course members had been the primary set to start out full diploma packages on the Nigerian Protection Academy (NDA). Earlier than then, Programs 1 to 35 together with COAS, Lt Gen Tukur Buratai (Common Combatant Course 29 of 1981) and CDS, Lt Gen Abayomi Olanisakin(Common Combatant Course 25 of 1981) studied and graduated with the Nationwide Certificates in Training (NCE) from the establishment. That’s to say that whereas Course 36 and above will profit from all of the provisions of the HTACOS (2017), their seniors, Programs 1 to 35, is not going to have the complete advantages.

The present Service Chiefs additionally offered for themselves and in conspiracy of the Presidency, ‘life tenure of workplace’. That is in response to Sections 11.08 and 11.09 of the H-TACOS (2017) Revised underneath ‘Tenure of Protection & Service Chiefs’. In line with Part 11.08: “an officer appointed the Chief of Protection Employees, Chief of Military Employees, Chief of Air Employees and Chief of Naval Employees shall be a four-star Normal and will maintain the appointment for a steady interval of two years and the C-in-C might lengthen such an appointment for one more interval of two years from the date of the expiration of two years interval”. Inserted ‘Part 11.09’ presently gives as follows: “the forgoing however, the President, C-in-C reserves the prerogative to increase the tenure of a Chief of Protection Employees/ Service Chief regardless of his age or size of service”. Intersociety additional gathered from a supply conversant with the 2017 ‘revision’ of the instrument that the current part was smuggled into the H-TACOS of 2017 and was not offered in its earlier variations.

H-TACOS As Constitutional Interloper
The powers of Mr. President of Nigeria and Commander-in-Chief of its Armed Forces to nominate ‘Service Chiefs’ are contained in Sections 18 of the Armed Forces Act, Chapter A20, LFN 2004 and 218 (2) of the 1999 Structure. The Structure additionally firmly directed in Part 217 (3) that “the composition of the officer corps and different ranks of the Armed Forces of the Federation shall replicate the federal character of Nigeria”. By Part 17, “the State Social Order is based on the beliefs of Freedom, Equality and Justice” and by Part 15 (5), “the State shall abolish all corrupt practices and abuse of energy”.

Nonetheless, nowhere within the named Sections 18 of the Armed Forces Act and 218 (2) of the Structure is the Presidency or President or his Service Chiefs empowered or approved to make any regulation or regulation or guidelines for the regulation of the Nigerian Armed Forces. The Nationwide Meeting; not the President or Presidency or the CDS and different Service Chiefs, is constitutionally empowered to take action. That’s to say that the Nigerian Armed Forces ‘Phrases and Circumstances of Service’ will not be solely lifeless on arrival but in addition null and void having risen in grave battle with the Sections 1 (3) and 218 (4) of the 1999 Structure and 18 of the Armed Forces Act of 2004. As a matter of reality, Part 218 (4) of the Structure empowers the Nationwide Meeting to “make legal guidelines for the regulation of the powers exercisable by the President because the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federation together with appointment, promotion and disciplinary management of members of the Armed Forces of the Federation”.

Service Chiefs Should Depart Workplace At As soon as
The void and nullity of “H-TACOS (2017)” significantly its “Sections 11.08 and 11.09” (tenure renewal and everlasting elongation) expressly lies in its gross inconsistency with Part 18 of its mom regulation, the Armed Forces Act, Chapter A20, LFN 2004 and Part 218 (4) of the 1999 Structure. It is because nowhere within the mentioned Part 18 of the Armed Forces Act is contained or discovered the extension of the tenure of the Service Chiefs or everlasting elongation of their tenure. Due to this fact, the facility of the Presidency or President to resume the tenure of the Service Chiefs is unconstitutional, unlawful, and null and void and of no impact.

Consequently, the present Service Chiefs should go away workplace directly or with out additional delays. That’s to say that the next individuals: CDS, Lt Gen Abayomi Olanisakin, COAS, Lt Gen Tukur Yusuf Buratai, CNS, Vice Admiral Ibok Ekwe Ibas and CAS, Air Marshal Sadique Abubakar, having been appointed as “Service Chiefs” on 13th July 2015 or previous 5 years have ceased to be the nation’s “Service Chiefs” since 13th July 2019, each legally and illegally. By attaining their 35 years of service way back, they’ve expired within the lively army providers of the Nigerian Armed Forces. By their appointment since 13th July, 2015 as ‘Service Chiefs’, they’ve additionally expired. By their very own created “H-TACOS (2017)”, they’ve all clocked over 58 years of retirement age and subsequently expired; and by their colossal failure within the nation’s protection and safety midwifery, they’ve expired and should go away the stage.

Brief Knowledge Of Nigeria’s Service Chiefs

For the report, Chief of Protection Employees, Lt Gen Abayomi Olanisakin joined the Nigerian Navy College, Zaria in 1973 and later moved to NDA in 1979 as a member of the 25thCommon Combatant Course and was commissioned in 1981. He clocked 35 years of service in 2014 and mentioned he was born on 2nd Dec 1961 or over 58 years in the past. Chief of Military Employees, Lt Gen Tukur Yusuf Buratai joined the Nigerian Military (NDA) in Jan 1981, clocked his 35 years of service in Jan 2016 and was born on 24th Nov 1960. He’ll clock 60 years on 24thNov 2020. Chief of Air Employees, Air Marshal Sadique Abubakar was born on 8thApril 1960 or over 60 years. He joined the Nigerian Air Pressure in November 1979 and clocked 35 years of service in November 2014. Chief of Naval Employees, Vice Admiral Ibok Ekwe Ibak was born on 27th November 1960 and joined the Nigerian Protection Academy as a member of 26 Common Course on 20 June 1979. He was commissioned as sub-lieutenant on 1 January 1983 and might be 60 years on 27thNovember 2020 having clocked 35 years of service since 20th June 2014.

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