Nigeria: “We will enhance our enlightenment campaigns,” says NDLEA on illegal drug trading

Nigeria: “We will enhance our enlightenment campaigns,” says NDLEA on illegal drug trading

The increased crime rate in Nigeria is a part of the high indulgence of its youth in the illegal trading of drugs, said the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), according to a report by World Stage.

Isa Adoro, NDLEA’s State Commandant has reportedly condemned the act in an interview earlier on Friday. Adoro mentioned that the issues haven’t noticed in several parts of Nigeria focusing that the problem could deepen to bones if proper steps are not taken by the stakeholders. He said, “peaceful protests in the country for instance, would always be hijacked by hoodlums who operate under the influence of illicit drugs. People did not realise that illicit drug abuse and dealings generally played a big role in the hijack and mayhem during the last #EndSARS protests”.

Adoro also disclosed that the situation was perilous than most would have thought about and, therefore it required urgent attention.”Our officers, for instance, were involved in restoring normalcy during the protests and compared valuable notes with security agencies. It is sad that not much had been said about the role of illicit drugs in the discussions, dialogues and corrections enunciated to check insecurity in the country. We can only achieve desired results when we see such issue as a bigger challenge and formulate policies that would be appropriately implemented,” he added.

He stated that the agency had teamed with relevant agencies in Ebonyi to keep a check on illicit drug trafficking and abuse, and the results have been quite positive.

Adding to it, Adoro said, “recently, the law students association of the Ebonyi State University, AbaAbakaliki, conferred an award on us for diligent prosecution of illicit drug cases at the federal high courts in the state. This serves as a source of encouragement because it shows that people are observing our efforts to check illicit drug trafficking and abuse in the state”.

He called upon more collective efforts with stakeholders to check the illegal drug trends in the state saying, “we will enhance our enlightenment campaigns in the media, enforcement, among other measures to ensure that the Ebonyi society is free from illicit drug trafficking and abuse.”