Lawcare Nigeria provides all the Laws of Federation of Nigeria in a readable format. We provide access to statutes in Nigeria, LFN 2004 or updated LFN to enable lawyers, law students and general public world-wide have access to the Nigerian Acts of the National Assembly without cost whenever they desire. You can download LFN 2004 in pdf form, the file name is LFN pdf.

Our major goal at LawCare Nigeria is to ensure Lawyers can access the important legal materials required for their services and to assist law students,statutes in Nigeria and legal researchers to get the important legislations required for their works. In the same vein, we believe the general public also have the duties to check or read prevailing legislations in the country whenever they so desire without barrier. It is upon all the above stated facts we have ensured that have provided an online platform where both the people in legal industry and general public can quickly access the prevailing statutes in Nigeria.

Lawcare Nigeria also strives to ensure the latest legislations, as passed by the Nigerian National Assembly are uploaded to our online platform without any delay.

The various legislations uploaded to our online platform are also inclusive of schedules and statutory forms where required. And we ensure the accurate numbering of all uploaded legislations.